"Small business owners need this technology to safely serve their customers now more than ever"

Mark Thekkethala, CEO



We are a company built for small business owners. Our goal is to educate small business owners on the importance of technology for the survival of their company. We want to bring our experience using technology at large companies to a small business lifecycle. Starting locally within Massachussetts, we are helping small businesses leverage technology as they begin to reopen during this coronavirus quarantine period. The world has been forced onto digital platforms, and small businesses must adapt quickly.


Small businesses need the data. We have realized that we have the power to help small business across the globe. Small business owners, now more than ever, need to leverage technology to connect with their customers and provide services that bigger companies use.  
Here is Google's study of small businesses in the US.


Small Businesses

99% of Business Owners in the United States are Small Businesses Owners


Fully Leverage Tech

80% of Small Business Do Not Fully Leverage Available Technology


"Not Relevant"

40% of Small Business Owners Believe Digital Tools Aren't Relevant

"Not Effective"

38% of Small Business Owners Believe Digital Tools Aren't Effective

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